A Word from Pastor Chick Salliby

Some years ago, I asked God in prayer how I could I do as much for Him as I possibly could in whatever years I had left.  His answer to me was this: The best way to maximize my efforts was to do all that I can to get Him involved in His own work. 

Very surprised by this response, I asked how this could be done.  He answered by assigning me two projects, either of which would allow His ministry to be evident and flourish in the lives of people.

The first project was to send large quantities of free Bibles — especially to third-world countries, where they are seldom available or affordable — Bibles that would be given to those who might otherwise have little hope of receiving one.

And why send the Bible?  Because through its words, God speaks for Himself into the hearts and lives of people.  Therefore, a Bible is the greatest missionary you can send to the foreign field.  It can lead people to Jesus, keep them living for God, and answer all of their questions about God, themselves, this life, and the hereafter.

The second project God gave me was this: as He would enable and direct, to open as many prayer centers as possible, places where Christians would primarily pray for two things: 

  • for the church in America to recover from its fall;
  • and then, for that same church to do all in its means to evangelize the world. 

And why prayer?  Because it invites God into His own business.  It moves Him, Who can move the universe.

Back in the Dark Ages, there was a community of Christians called the Waldenses.  For hundreds of years, they survived numerous attempts by the Popes to exterminate them, sent as many as 35 missionaries to a single field at a time, and had a tremendous impact on many great giants of the faith, including the Wesleys.  What gave them their success?  Undoubtedly, their prayer meetings.  Indeed, they had one prayer meeting that lasted for 100 years.  Night and day, 365 days a year, its altars were manned by zealous Christians who brought down God’s power through prayer.

Imagine if there were numerous prayer meetings today that never stopped, that were manned by Christians who continually called on God for the spiritual uplifting of America and the world.  While it wouldn’t change the world, it could certainly impact the eternal fate of multitudes of people. 

After God pointed me to both of these assignments, I became so consumed by just the thought of them, I named my personal ministry — Word & Prayer Ministries — and the church I pastor — Word & Prayer Fellowship — after them both.

I did this to be ever mindful of God’s calling, and to also remember that God’s ministry among us is so much greater than ours ever could be. 

How far have these assignments materialized?  Here is a brief history:  

A Christian brother, Owusu Agyemang (who was the assistant superintendent of all of the prisons in Ghana, West Africa), distributed fifty copies of a book I wrote on the King James Bible.

Quite unexpectedly, in the following months I was inundated with letters from Ghanaian children who all requested Bibles.  I honored their requests, and in time, there were so many children, adults, and ministers asking for Bibles, I couldn’t meet the demand.  I asked my church to help with this ministry and it did.  We currently purchase Bibles and ship them to Ghana, where Owusu Agyemang distributes them.

It is a very small beginning but I believe that God will increase it.  When this happens, we will also send Bibles to other countries as well.  Believers from other African nations have already requested them.

As for the prayer centers, again I was only to go as far with these as God would direct me and provide the means.  Thus far, He has only provided for one.  It’s the prayer meeting held at our church every Wednesday or Thursday evening.  However, God has assured me that many more are possible, but that patience and waiting on Him are a must.

Over these past few years, God has also shown me how incapable I am of furthering either of these callings myself — the distribution of Bibles or the opening of prayer centers.  Therefore, I am to continually pray for others to join me in this vision that can help bring it to pass.

Though I’ve carried this charge for roughly eighteen years, I have never lost faith that it will fully materialize.  Therefore, I’ve never been more devoted to it.  What I covet the most from you who are reading this is your prayers for its success.

In Christ,
Pastor Chick Salliby