About Word & Prayer's Sermon Audio Archive

Word & Prayer Ministries offers downloadable sermons at absolutely no cost.  Each week, the Sunday morning message that is ministered at Word & Prayer Fellowship church in West Warwick, Rhode Island is uploaded to the website in MP3 format.  We invite you to access the site and to download any of the sermons we have listed.  We also encourage you to distribute the audio files to others.

Though we are living in the eve of Christ's return, the sin, misdirection, and complacency in the Church today threaten its very existence.  Christians need to be convicted, not appeased; challenged, not left to be victims of this current falling away.  Therefore, a sermon should not entertain or be focused on secular issues.  It should edify, encourage holiness, draw Christians closer to God, and get them ready for Christ's return.  We strive for this at Word & Prayer Fellowship.  Each message is prayerfully prepared and given many hours of study and careful deliberation.  We are sure that you will be enlightened by them and built up spiritually.

Of all the methods ever employed to achieve contentment in Christ and victory through Him, time has honored none more highly than prayer and the study of God's Word.  For this reason, all of our messages are based firmly on the Bible.  Many, in fact, are a verse-by-verse examination of the subject being discussed.

— Pastor Chick Salliby