Ghana Bible Ministry

"...Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." — Mark 16:15

Word & Prayer Ministries has been sending Bibles to Ghana, West Africa since 1998.  The Lord blessed this ministry by providing a contact in Ghana, brother Owusu Agyemang, who has faithfully worked with Word & Prayer to distribute Bibles from the very beginning of the outreach.  The demand for Bibles is great, and faithful Ghanian believers often desire a Bible above anything else.

Over the years, brother Owusu and others have sent accounts of how people will walk for miles to get in line when Bibles are being distributed.  Many have no means of transportation, yet they make it a priority to have the Word of God no matter what the cost.  This great faith in the Lord has been inspirational to everyone involved in the ministry, and the simple act of receiving a Bible has touched the lives of so many more for Jesus Christ.  Word & Prayer frequently receives reports of people getting saved and growing strong in Christian living through the Gospel outreach, and we thank God and the working of His Holy Spirit for these wonderful testimonies.

Praise God for His continuous blessing on this ministry and for the many that are coming to Christ through the distribution of Bibles in Ghana!


Testimonies from Ghana

Alfred N. writes:
“ is because of your help that I am saved by the Almighty God.  But Pastor, I will be glad to you [if you] can send a Holy Bible.”

Christiana N. writes:
“I would like to thank you for the Bible you asked me to go and collect from the man [brother Owusu].  It is a blessing [and has] helped me a lot.  May God continue to bless your ministry.  I once again here to write this letter to thank you for sending me the one true Bible.  Thank you.”

Isaac writes:
“...The main reason why I am writing you this letter is that I am thanking you for the gift you brought to me and giving me more understanding of God.  May God bless you and give you more Bibles to share them for those who has not yet repent.  May God bless you, your [church] & your family.  Thank you.”  

Joseph E. and Samuel E. write:
“We were overwhelmed with joy when we received your letter.  In fact, all the content have been well noted.  God has truly repent all my friends who read this Bible so please we thank you for doing this favor by giving us these words of God.”


To Request a Bible in Ghana, please contact:

Elder Supt. (Rtd.) Owusu-Agyemang
The Church of Pentecost Dompoase-Adagya
Post Office Box AH 8125
Ahinsan - Kumasi
Ashanti Region - Ghana, West Africa
011-233-208160070 (WhatsApp and Gmail)

011-233-243462437 (Yahoo)

Brother Owusu is considered to be an integral part of Word & Prayer Ministries.