Books by Chick Salliby



YET SO AS BY FIRE took several years to produce and was written for today’s Christian.  It answers the question, “Is today’s Church Christianity’s crowning achievement (as some assume it is) or Church history’s greatest embarrassment?”

The author avoids dealing with social and political issues.  Instead, he examines the Christian himself and the state of his religion.  It is a frank and powerful call to repentance.

Actually, YET SO AS BY FIRE is two books in one.  The first part deals with the abhorrent beliefs and worldly habits of many Christians today.  The second deals with the appropriate steps one must take to restore his relationship with Jesus.  It shows him how to return to a New Testament-based Christianity in which the individual loves God supremely and puts all of his faith in Jesus. 

This book’s contents strike hard against carnality, apathy, and heresy; however, they also comfort the reader with a reminder of his forgotten inheritance in Christ and show him how to live a triumphant life that strictly adheres to the Scriptures. 

How Americanized has the Gospel become?  How far from our innocent beginnings have we strayed?  This book will show you.  It is a must-read for today’s Christian and can become, for the Christian, a life-changing experience. 

YET SO AS BY FIRE is 271 pages


IF THE FOUNDATIONS BE DESTROYED demonstrates how the New International Version of the Bible has accomplished the extraordinary: It has succeeded in attacking the Person of Jesus Christ by entirely REMOVING or systematically CHANGING numerous vital Scriptures—and the majority of Christians are not even remotely aware of it.  You will witness the irreparable damage the NIV has done to:

• Christ's Redemption • Christ's Grace
• Christ's Miracles • Christ's Return
• Christ the Comforter • Christ's Eternal Existence (future)
• Christ's Teachings • Christ's Crucifixion
• Christ's Resurrection • Christ's Ascension
• Christ's Glorification • His title "Lord"
• His title "Christ" • His title "Jesus"
• His other names and titles (besides much more!)
• Christ's Eternal Existence • Christ's Deity
• Christ the Creator • Christ the Son of God
• Christ's Virgin Birth • Christ's Incarnation
• Christ's Omnipresence • Christ's Priesthood
• Worship of Christ • Christ's Lordship
• Christ's Commission

While the Church is busy condemning the evils of society—abortion, pornography, gay rights, and every flaw in government—it is hard to believe that it would ever tolerate a problem of this magnitude within its own four walls, and obviously one that not only dwarfs all others but that also threatens the Church’s very survival. 

This book attempts to expose this problem in hopes that God’s people will be mindful of what is currently laboring to destroy their souls, before it is forever too late.